Caja China Style Cooking Wins Another Convert

Happy grillers!

Upon coming home from the Miami Hurricanes game this past Saturday I sat down at my cpu to find an unexpected email in my inbox. What it contained proved to be the culmination of an amazing day. After replying to Donna and thanking her for such kind words, I asked, and received her permission to share her letter here with all of you…

When I saw your product on-line and read the claims, it was hard to
imagine how such performance was possible.  A whole pig, perfectly
cooked in four hours? After reading several testimonials, however, I
decided to take a chance and placed an order.
We hosted our first ever roast last weekend.  Your Roasting Box, a
birthday gift to my husband, performed as promised.  Everyone ate
their fill, then lined up with containers to take left-overs away.
Parting words were:  “When are we going to do this again”; “Can we
expect this at Thanksgiving”;  “Can’t wait for next time!”; etc.
I think we began a new family tradition, centered around your magic

Donna Diaz, Kentucky

And with that folks, Caja China style cooking has won another convert. The best part of doing this is hearing from all of you and getting the stories of sons and fathers coming home from overseas to a welcoming party of friends and family who are roasting a pig as part of the festivities. The wedding receptions, the birthday parties, the veterans day cookouts, the anniversary gifts, and on and on. The Caja China pig roaster really is perfect for bringing people together. It’s a conversation piece, a novelty to some, and designed to cook for large numbers of people. I’ve done tailgating and catering with my Roasting Box, and people always end up gathering around the box! Whether you’re in Louisiana and folks are calling it a “cajun microwave” or in Miami, and they’re calling it “la caja asadora,” caja china style cooking means party. It means friends and cold beverages. It means conversation, music, and a lot of laughter. And above all, it means absolutely mouth-watering food. Every time. I can’t wait to hear from our next “Donna.” Who knows, it could be you…


~ by mmasters305 on November 12, 2010.

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