Caja China Box: Build a Caja China / Cajun Microwave Grill or Buy?

If you’re reading this you’re probably considering building your own la caja china style pig roaster or cajun microwave.  Truth is, building a china box is not as inexpensive as it may seem. Here we will lay out the pros and cons of building a china box versus buying a caja china.

First off, let’s lay out what you will need to build your China Box. The kind of stuff your “la caja china plans” or “how to build a caja china” guide would cover. Professional size models (such as those sold by Latin Touch and La Caja China) are 4’ x 2’ with an interior depth of 8 ¾”-12 ¾”.  These dimensions will require at least one sheet of 4’ x 8’ plywood (approximately $20-30.) In addition, your caja china will require an interior metal lining. At 1/16” thick, each 4’ x 2’ sheet will run you at least $40 or so.  When you include the interior drip pan (about 40” x 22”) and the top ash pan (48” x 24”) you are looking at a good 3 sheets. So far you new Cajun microwave has cost $150, and we haven’t even talked about the stainless steel racks, charcoal grid, handles, or wheels. Factor in the amount of time it will require to properly cut and shape the wood and metal, and it quickly becomes obvious that buying may be the better option for your china box. The truth is, if you can find a caja china roasting box for under $200, the value is to good to pass up.  There is currently only one place on the market where you can find that kind of price on a china box grill all year long, and that place is Latin Touch. We’ve got everything you need, from the china box itself, to caja china recipe books (“La Caja China Cooking” by Perry Perkins) pig roaster accessories (covers, thermometers, top grills, etc.) and a blog with everything you need to know to become a caja china grill master.

For details and information on how to order your caja asadora pig roaster, recipe book, and all other accessories visit


~ by mmasters305 on December 25, 2010.

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