Tips for Roasting in a Caja China style Hog Roaster

Caja china style hog roasting tips

Caja china style hog roasting tips

Pig roasting: How big of a pig do we need?
The first question we need to answer when doing some pig roasting is “How big of a hog do we need?” Well, to answer that we need to know how many guests will be attending. A good rule of thumb is to calculate a pound per adult and half pound per child. This will usually provide plenty of pork, and leftovers are never a problem! So, if the total number of pounds needed is less than 30, you will likely be roasting a suckling pig. Suckling pigs are very tender and juicy when brined, marinated, and prepared correctly with a delicious combination of herbs and spices.

Whole pig roast: How do we cook this thing?
There are many ways to prepare a suckling pig, including over a spit, in an oven, or in a caja china style roasting box. However, for larger pig roasts the oven is often no longer an option. In this case, the most delicious and time saving method is using a la caja asadora hog roaster. In just four hours you will be able to roast up to a 70-80 lb. pig. This cuts the cooking time by half or more when compared to a classic spit roast. The reason is the loss of heat when roasting on a spit due to its open nature. With caja china style roasting the heat stays within the cajun microwave style grill and cooks the hog faster and more evenly.

Caja china grilling: How do I know when it’s done?
If you follow the instructions on charcoal usage provided with the la caja asadora or more expensive la caja china model, the meat should reach approximately 170-180 degrees in about three hours. At this temperature, the meat should be thoroughly cooked. If you do not have a thermometer, you can cut into the deepest areas of meat (shoulders and butt) and make sure the pork is white and any juices are clear. Making sure your pork is fully cooked is extremely important. Always be sure of this before serving!

Pig roast catering: When to bring in the pros?
Ok. So we’ve gone through some of the essentials to making your hog roast a success. These techniques will help make you a better host. However, sometimes the job is simply too big for one man to handle. I, for one, would never try to entertain for over 100 people alone! There are times when it’s worth the money to bring in the pros. Feel free to contact us at Latin Touch Catering for services all over South Florida, or search for the best pig roast caterers in your local area. Here’s to wishing you the very best with your event!


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