La Caja China Box on Huffington Post

We came across this feature on Caja China cooking recently and wanted to share it with the entire community. The excerpts are from a recently published blog post by Renee Blodgett describing her first pig roast experience with La Caja China. Our thanks to the folks at Relish Culinary Center for spreading the word! The roast pig was an astounding 130 lbs, and as featured on the YouTube video link in our previous post, the results were outstanding! And in just 4 hours no less! Folks, tell me how else you can roast a 130 lb pig in just 4 hours? I’ll give you a minute to marinate on that…(my apologies for the pun. Couldn’t help it.) Here’s how Renee describes it:

I discovered Relish Culinary Center in Healdsburg, California, a unique experience for “foodies.” They not only offer cooking classes, but tours and group dinners, using natural and local ingredients from nearby farms. Owner Donna del Rey teamed up with chef Christopher Greenwald who shares her “local, sustainable and fresh food” thinking. Together they host three-course family-style dinners featuring a whole roasted pig — a 130-pound pig — which is served family-style for a group of about 40 or so.

Our roasting box grills have seen a huge surge in popularity on the west coast over the past couple years, particularly in California. From wineries, to restaurants, to caterers, to individual home owners, it has been a thrill to grow the community so rapidly out there. Thank you all for becoming a part of the community! These pig roasters provide the fastest, easiest, and most delicious way to partake in one of the worlds oldest and most festive meals: the pig roast. This is what the folks at Relish Culinary Center had in mind, and described in Renee’s post…

I was in Healdsburg for “Epicurean Winter” and was able to experience one of their dinners, which was nothing short of delicious, fun, eclectic and unique.Over a starter of Fromage Fort & Bay Laurel house-cured cloverdale olives, they talked us through the process of how they were cooking a whole “La Caja China” pig, which was in a massive roaster just outside the center, where they used mesquite rather than coals…While the people in attendance were interesting, I couldn’t wait to get outside and watch them move the big hog from oven to wooden board to be moved inside.

Without question, the moment the whole hog is removed from the china box and set for carving is always the night’s biggest show stopper! And when it is time for your family to celebrate, think of your friends at Latin Touch


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