Superbowl Sunday + Caja China = an amazingly delicious time!

The greatest day in football is fast approaching, the only day even non-football enthusiasts gather to watch, Superbowl Sunday! What better way to feed a bunch of hungry football fans than roasting a pig with your very own Caja Asadora/Caja China. Imagine serving pulled pork sliders or juicy whole roast pork with rice and beans in about 4 hours!


We have made it a tradition with our group of friends, we gather around the Roasting Box (also known as a cajun microwave) and enjoy some appetizers (usually wings, hot dogs and burgers) on our top grill while waiting for the main course. I can honestly say our party has grown each year that we actually put a screen projector outside in the backyard to watch the football game. The cajachina and Superbowl Sunday has become quite the pairing so if you need a new kick for your Superbowl party this might  be the way to go.


We still have time to get you a new La Caja China delivered. Give us a call at (305) 967-3020 or visit us online at


~ by mmasters305 on January 28, 2013.

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