Swine and Wine recap from South Beach Wine and Food Festival

I had promised to give a recap of the nights festivities at the 2013 Swine and Wine held at the Biltmore Hotel in beautiful Coral Gables, FL, so here it it…better late than never.

The night was perfect with the smell of delicious pig’s roasting in the Caja China from 19 different chef’s, mojitos and of course the wine was flowing. I was in much anticipation and did not know where to start this delectable journey for my taste buds. This event was hosted by local chef Michelle Bernstein and sponsored by a household name in any latin home, Goya Foods. It amazed my how many different ways pork can be cooked in la caja asadora, then again I am not a culinary chef by trade. Here are a few images of some of the masterpieces we got to sample at the event.


This was host Michelle Bernstein‘s creation, Lechon asado with Vietnamese noddle salad.


This dish is from chef Ingrid Hoffman, Tequila-chipotle pulled pork buns. Can you say yummy! She is one of my favorite chefs and she gave the attendees an at home experience as she hugged, kissed, shook hands and explained her creation in detail.


This was from Jorge Padron, Lechon asado with Cuban style risotto. This was probably the one that most resembled what I am accustomed to eating at every family party and holiday and it tasted just as good.

The evening was not just about trying the different styles of pork cooked in the roasting box and prepared in different was, it was a competition between these 19 chefs for the coveted Pat La Frieda “Piggy Choice Award” which was voted by those attending and tasting. This years winner was a first timer to the event, Chef Ryan Nielsen from Bongo’s Cuban Cafe and Lario’s on the Beach with his truly delicious traditional lechon asado and sweet maduro mash layered on crispy pork skin and topped with crunchy spanish onions. Yes, it sounds as amazing as it tasted and looked…


This event was great and I was so happy I was able to attend and be part of these culinary masterpieces. It was also great seeing so many ideas come out of the same cooking method, roasting a whole pig in La Caja China. I can’t wait to get our roasting box and put it to use soon, maybe I will impress the family with some yummy creation.

Happy roasting, until next time!


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