Restaurants using La Caja China equals more profit

If you are in the restaurant business then you know business can be tough with need to constantly keep customers satisfied with your food and service in order to make your business successful. A new trend among many executive chef’s is bringing La Caja China into their establishment. A growing number are reaching out to us and order our roasting box to use in their restaurants, hotels, and catering services.


Whether using it for a special occasion such as an outdoor festival or holiday held at their restaurant, or for a weekly or monthly pig or lamb roast, they know this small investment will keep the patrons coming back for more.

The Caja China, or China Box is a versatile box and if it lands in the hands of a smart restaurant owner / executive chef then it can make magic in their establishment. Roasting a whole pig is the most common use for the cajun microwave but I have been seeing chef’s really think outside the box and cook all sorts of meals within this box, appealing to a variety of pallets. Pork shoulders, ribs, whole chickens, ducks…etc.


The great thing about this is that you can cook a greater amount at one time which cuts down the waiting time for the guests in getting their food; I don’t know about you but when I am hungry I want my food. In all reality, this will allow the chefs to manage their backroom more efficiently and the manager will have a happy front of the house that will definitely bring them back for more.

An investment in lacajachina is a smart move allowing for versatility in the menu that will always have your guests coming back for more. Increasing foot traffic will ultimately increase your profit and before you know it that caja asadora will have surpassed it’s initial investment.

I challenge you as a restaurant owner and chef to think outside the box and start cooking inside the box. Happy roasting!



~ by mmasters305 on April 17, 2013.

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