Caja China roasting tradition

With father’s day approaching my family is getting ready to celebrate another holiday with the typical pig roast in our La Caja China. It seem’s that every holiday is an excuse to get together and enjoy some delicious food and drinks in my family…Christmas Eve or Noche Buena as we call it, New Years Eve, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…I think you get the point. That is not to mention the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and baby showers that our roasting box makes an appearance at, it is no wonder why each house in my family circle has their very own caja asadora

This tradition of family gatherings over a pig roast stems back from our lovely homeland of Cuban. Roasting a 50 Lb pig was an easy way to feed a lot of family and friend’s during special celebrations, pair it with rice and black beans, fried plantains (maduros), yuca and salad and you have a lot of happy people.


When my family migrated to Miami, FL the traditions came with them. As I grew up I have many, many memories that include lacajachina, so many in fact that I feel like it is part of the family! This year I think I might get my dad a new roasting box and I thought what better day than Father’s Day, except this will not be any regular roasting box…I am going to have it personalized with our family name on the side of the box (replacing the logo in the picture below), I think it’s time to make it a legit part of the family. I am sure my uncles are going to be jealous but hey, this always makes for great family gatherings! 


June 16th is Father’s Day so I am giving you a heads up if it slipped your mind. Take care of your dad’s on this special day and maybe you can give him a gift that will start a new family tradition.

Happy Roasting!

~ by mmasters305 on May 29, 2013.

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