Which La Caja China or Caja Asadora is Right for You?

How do you know which Caja China is best for you?  This famous Roasting Box has only been around for a few years now. In the old days traditional Cubans would dig a hole in the ground, lay the pig out, and place the coals on a rack right on top, but that process can be very time consuming and definitely a little messy.  The first Caja China style Roasting Box was made in 1987 and the idea and designs for these traditional this traditional Latin cooking style have come a very long way. The most economical Chinese Box, which is very popular for personal use would be the Caja China style Roasting Box for up to a 70 lb pig roast. This is a professional great style for beginners that are looking to cook a little more often for a smaller family gathering or special event.


Now for those of you who are looking to jump into something a little bigger and also a great quality pig roaster the best choice for you may be La Caja China #2 we like to refer to this Cajun Microwave as THE BIG BOY! It comes lined with aluminum and can cook up to a 100 lb live pig and much more. They are extremely durable and will last a lifetime with the proper protection and care. This China Box is as good as any top of the line pig roaster out there without having to completely empty your pockets. Some Caja China’s can cost up to $1,500 so this is a great product at an amazingly affordable price. Each of these China Boxes comes with all the necessary components such as: a charcoal pan and grid, large dipping pan, 2 stainless steel racks, 4 stainless steel “S” hooks, 4 front wheels for easy mobility, 2 large steel handles, syringe for marinating, and a detailed instruction manual. For those who run a restaurant, catering company, hotel, or other establishment that would like to spice up their cuisine and offer guests an event that is fresh and unique, as well as delicious. This model may be best suited for your needs. With the exception of our aluminum exterior SP-150 & SP-300 models, it is the most economical way to roast up to 100 lbs. with mouth watering results every time.



If your not really interested in cooking a pig these options can still be a great fit for you for any occasion. These Caja China’s can cook whole chickens, racks of ribs, a small lamb, or you have the option of cooking different types of meat at the same time. These styles are the most common on the market and are useful for any of your roasting needs. A perfect example of a grill that is designed and known for something other than pork would be the La Caja China #3. This model holds up to about 18 lbs, and is most commonly used for turkey, pork shoulders, chickens, or duck. This is a great unit for those who may not have the room to store a full size 48 x 24″ Roasting Box but still enjoy the delicious results. The dimensions of this roaster are 28″ L x 14 1/2″ W x 9″ interior depth.

So in the end, whether you are a backyard griller, a large scale caterer, or someone who has grown up with the Caja China in your house, there is a Roasting Box that meets your needs! Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We don’t just distribute these grills, we use them! (And quite a bit, I may add.) So feel free to reach out via phone, email, or social media. We look forward to hearing from you! And here’s to an amazing Holiday season…

Email: thelatintouch@gmail.com

Facebook: Latin Touch Products

Twitter: @cajachinasales

Pinterest: Caja China Grill Masters


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