La Caja China: How Much Hog is enough?

How To Roast A Pig by Tom Rea gives us a few tips and tricks on how to use your Caja China Roasting box and what you will need. Some of those who have never cooked with La Caja China can have some issues trying to understand how much is too much and how much is enough. Don’t over think it, this is probably the easiest thing to remember. When buying a whole hog for roasting you need to order 2 pounds (905 g) of meat ( not including the weight of the head) per person. Really, it is that simple, and you do not have to worry about the weight of the head because whoever you are ordering from will be able to accurately guesstimate the weight of a pig without the head for you.

Once cooked and removed from the bones, this will provide roughly 8 ounces (225 g) of meat per person. But, when ordering meat, it is always best to get a few extra portions to ensure that everyone can eat his or her fill and you can still have some meat remaining for sandwiches the next day.

What should I ask for when I order? To order a pig for spit roasting, simply ask for a whole dressed pig in the weight you require. It is up to you whether you wish to have the head on or off. But, by removing it you are missing out on the amazing pig cheeks that will have confit in their own fat, making them succulent, flavorful, and best pieces of meat in you roast.

If your pig is too big for your pig roaster all you will need to do is remove the bottom of the legs and the head. Use a sharp heavy knife like a cleaver and a sterilized hacksaw to cut through the bones.

When your going to prepare a whole pig roast your going to need some equipment. Most of the basic tools required will already be sitting in your kitchen. But, there are some important tools that will definitely some in handy as the cooking begins. No need to go overboard but as long as you have the essential equipment laid out in this section you will have everything you need to get the job done.




Basic essential tools include:

– Disposable Razor

– Temperature probe with a heat-resistant cable

– Clean and sterile prep table large enough to fit your mitts ( you will be handling scorching hot metal)

– Tongs

– Slide- out utility knife

– Meat fork

– Sharp kitchen knife

– Knife sharpener

– Refrigerator large enough to fit your hog in

– Roll of 16- gauge ( or higher) steel wire

– Pliers with wire cutting tool

– Large disposable aluminum pans or trays

– Metal bin suitable for disposing of ash as you cook

– When using charcoal as a heat source:

– Second set of tongs to move coals

– Small metal shovel (suitable for removing ash and moving coals)

– Spray bottle filled with water

Well worth it but not essential tool include:

– Latex disposable gloves

– Apron

– Kitchen Towels

Hope this was helpful!! For more information or any questions feel free to contact us at 888-272-7629 or shop our products at to prepare for your Caja China roasting this holiday.


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