Want to upgrade your menu…offer dishes from you Caja China!

Being quite the foodie with a love for eating out I couldn’t help but think why more restaurants don’t offer dishes they cook in a Caja China. The Roasting Box (aka cajun microwave) isn’t only meant for whole pigs, it can be the start of innumerable delicious dishes restricted only by the creative mind of the chef. Among the most popular dishes are pork shoulder, duck, lamb, fish, and even clam bakes! The possibilities that La Caja China offers truly are endless.

I started doing a bit of research online and found that there are some restaurants who are now featuring dishes prepared in lacajachina for special celebrations. Some establishments actually cook a whole pig for Sunday brunch while others have a different item everyday on the menu. An excellent example of this growing trend can be found in Phoenix, where at The Mission and Cafe Blink, which were highlighted in The Phoenix New Times. I think this is an ingenious idea and these chef’s should be applauded for spicing up their menu and giving their guests a reason to come back. If you look at this from a business perspective it makes total sense! You, as a chef, purchase a caja asadora for roughly $189 plus shipping. You buy your meat, let’s take a whole 80lb pig, and roast it for approximately 5 hours, you know have enough meat to feed roughly 80 people or more. Give a price range of each meal anywhere from $10-25 and you have paid your initial investment your first day. How many different main dishes and appetizers can you create? That’s really up to you. Not only can you provide different foods on your menu but you can create an exciting atmosphere if you decide to bring the cooking to the front of the house and treat your patrons to the thrill of cooking with a China Box. Let them witness how those new dishes come to life by creating a treat for every sense…I would definitely make a reservation!

You will be the talk of the town by thinking outside of the box and cooking inside of the box…La Caja China.


~ by mmasters305 on June 3, 2014.

One Response to “Want to upgrade your menu…offer dishes from you Caja China!”

  1. I think the Caja China bbq grill is perfect for roasting meat!

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